Hello,welcome to my Blog where you can see what is going on behind the scenes in a photo shoot the making of a dress or a costume , the hair , the make up, the models, my TV interviews, the actors in a film or documentary  and the process involved in the projects where I have been part of and the things I like to do besides my fashion world so you get to know more about me. I am a Fashion/costume designer but I also do Make up and Hair, Yes! I do hair and Make up too specially I love Special effects make up and Avant Garde Hair. I love to create a whole character look not only making the costume but the whole transformation from head to toe and, I enjoy being part of those kinds of projects in the film industry, shows, Theater, plays. TV,magazines, or anything related. I am happy to share with you the extensive work that goes into creating a Character the story behind and the talented people I work with in this beautiful city of New York. Hope you enjoy!!!!

Best :

Alejandro Montoya



 Making of The Soul Collector Costume



The Art of Beading a Dress






Photo shoot with Venezuelan Top Model Angela Ruiz, Patrick Brassard and Allyson Wisel




Photo shoot /Video for my web : Downtown, New York  NY

Photographer: Patrick Brassard

Model: Tashi Makh

Mua: Allyson Wisel

Assistant: Liz Santos


Photo shoot with George Chemas


Photo shoot with Photgrapher Alejandro Barragan and Model Olga Anikina


Photo shoot with Alex Rodriguez




Photo shoot with Paul Tirado


Black and yellow options


Mother nature shoot inspiration

Model:Bre Bitz

Photographer: Unleashed vision




Halloween 2016

And … here I Am again!!!! Halloween 2016!!!!!  this year i decided to go for a mix of Jack the skeleton and a scary clown inspiration.For this project i used an old pair of  black boots that I had in the closet and they were normal winter boots, meaning not to high so I had to make a boot’s top in order to make the costume look better.Another thing was that I had to shave my beard Again!!!,,,,:-(  I don’t like the way I look without it ,,, but that is part of the whole costume ,, anyway what that I love about my costume was that I made my own make up,and boy how different is to apply make up to a different person and to do it for yourself,,,it took me all morning!!! I am telling you the most difficult part was the Bald cap application trying to stick it in the back of my neck, it didn’t want to stick ,, thank God my friend George (the photographer) was there to help me in that part,,after I finish getting ready George took me some pictures , then straight to the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.there the VillageVoice newspaper took a picture of me that later came out in that Halloween edition.that was nice!!!!I enjoy very nice much this Halloween,Here are with  pictures of the making ( tutorial kind of)… 🙂





Halloween 2015

For this year my costume was Arachnophobia the make up was made by Stella Sensei who did an amazing job with a realistic make up, my costume was simple and comfortable but the main point was the collar and the make up. here are some images of the making …







Lander Camarero is a film  director from Spain who came to New York  in  March 2015 to film scenes for his short documentary called :A Revenge Story.This film are among the best 7 films in the Basque country and with that distinction it won a a free world  wide distribution in 6 languages (subtitles) to more than 200 festivals all around the world, thanks to the government cultural section grants. I applied to the casting to design the wardrobe of the film but my surprise was that he wanted me to be the artistic director  of the film and help him to create the look of his character, and design some of the Props for the studio. The Main character “Mark Figueroa” was played by Lander Camarero himself  giving a press conference in a studio in New York. The experience of working with the whole crew,extras,and the locations in New York allowed me to learn more about the whole process that goes behind the scenes in order to make a film, and the most fun part was that I also acted as an extra in the film,,that was great!!!






This Mexican goddess was a  short video I did with Alejandro Barragan. The  video showed the Goddess praying at the moon and doing a ritual  with the dancers. I did the make up  for the dancers and  the costume and make up  for the Goddess. The idea was to make her look as typical as possible.

Photo shoot inspired in El Dia de los Muertos

Photgrapher: Alejandro barragan

Model: katherina Sergeeva

Mua: Raymond








For this short film I did the body and face make up. The Character was inspired in a Fat God  who lives in a Cavern with his body all covered in Tattoos and pointing ears. Following the directors ideas ( Alejandro Barragan) I was able to pull off the character. and we were happy with the results. this film was filmed in Mexico and New York.and soon will come out. The actor is Jaime who did a great job. the painting  and the special effects ears took me 6 hours.