Danza fiesta is a non=profit organization  created by Gilda Rivera Pantojas dedicated to promote Puerto Rican culture to the world and Latin American dance through Dance INC .This Organization is based in New York City. As a designer is been a privilege to have been making some of their costumes   for their great and colorful performances. Danza fiesta have their own design team led by  Raul Wilson and working together with him I was able to learn and to bring to reality their vision. Besides their typical Puerto rican costumes Danza fiesta asked me to Design a Venezuelan typical dress for a Venezuelan dance  called “Joropo” . Which I will share with you in the following images. I am grateful and thankful for the years I been working with This Great organization. Thanks to the directors: Gilda Rivera Pantojas, Dr.Victor Negron and Raul Wilson. I can proudly say: I Am Danza Fiesta !!