On March 2008 My friend Raul Wilson invited me to Macy’s tribute to Josephine Baker. It was an evening called:Rediscovering Josephine Baker: The Diva. Raul asked me  to do a collaboration together, Raul will design the costume and I will make it a reality.  The model was Miltery Tucker which is an excedllent dancer.while I was in charge of making the costume with the hand beading and the bananas ,Raul  did the make up and the Hair , the result came out great. Miltery did look like Josephine and the most happy part was that Josephine Baker’s sons: Jean Claude Baker (R.I.P) and Jarry Baker were extremely excited and happy when they saw the impersonation of her mother. Here are a few images of that beautiful night




TV Show Interview with Ingrid in 2008 filmed  in a mansion in New jersey. the show was about interviewing Latin American artist(who lives and works in the Tri state area)  in the Bathtub of the Mansion . That was a very unique experience.