In 2005 I met Wolfgang Bush. Wolfgang was making a documentary called : How Do I Look,(which is the sequel in content of Paris is Burning) This film is about the ball community in New York City. I did not know about the Ball community and I did not know about Paris is Burning the movie. When I met Wolfgang he wanted me to be in his film because he saw my work as a designer, he liked my costumes and he wanted me to show them in the Ball. I accepted but I wanted to know what it was all about before I made my costumes so I went to a few drag/kids balls competitions. I created to costumes for 2 different nights . I have to say that I was really surprised for the talented kids that are involved in that community. I am not a ball kid but I met some of then who are very talented: Photographers, designers, Dancers Some of those kids where able to perform with celebrities in tours and videos and all started in those community balls. Like the Vogue Dance who was famously introduced to the world by Madonna but in reality it was in the Ball scene that the kids created that type of dance. Besides the costumes I designed a poster for the movie because Wolfgang Bush did an open casting call for designers to submit an art work where it could capture the essence of the ball scene and it could be use as a poster for the cover of the film. my poster was picked but to be printed in shirts. besides that I assisted Wolfgang with the translation from English to Spanish.
I was happy to be part of the film because is about artistic empowerment and Aids awareness, this film have received numerous awards and Wolfgang bush have been invited with  some of the ball’s kids to Universities to do Lectures about Aids Awareness and artistic empowerment. The film was released in 2006. Oh, one more thing: my costumes won the competitions, Of COURSE!, like the kids said: OVAH !!!

The poster I  designed for the film


The Costume I created



Luna Khan wearing a Feather piece I made for his competition